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Metamorphosis by Ted

Transforming natural wood into works of art

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Ted has been a carpenter since he completed his military service in 1966. If you live in or near Westfield New Jersey you may have seen him drive by in his white van with the name Metamorphoses painted on the side.  No surprise there.

After years of doing carpentry work, raising 6 children and doing various volunteer work for his church and community, an unexpected event changed his life.

Ted had just completed a carpentry job renovating a warehouse when the owner offered him a lathe in lieu of payment. Ted accepted the exchange and took the lathe home to his basement were it sat mostly idle for a few years.  Eventually he began to putter around with the lathe to make railing spindles and the like for various jobs.  Soon he began to realize he had some skill working with the lathe and began turning bowls.  That was 30 years and hundreds of bowls, vases and miscellaneous pieces of art ago.

Turning has been Ted’s favorite form of recreation and his passion for these many years.  Even after all this time, he is still fascinated with the process of taking a piece of raw wood and turning it into an object of beauty.  Ted will tell you he rarely plans the final product, but rather works with the ideal and imperfection as in the ancient Japanese philosophy of Wabi Sabi. Whatever goes on inside his head while working at his lathe, the end product is a beautiful piece of art that he is now willing to share with others.

For most of the time Ted created these pieces, he could not part with them.  They were very personal creations and, at first, none left his workshop. He felt attached to each piece and, with the exception of a few gifts to close friends and relatives, he kept them all.  After many years of wood turning, his modest home began to overflow with his creations.  From this, along with years of prodding from friends and relatives, led to the development of this web site, where he can share his art with anyone who can appreciate his art form.

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